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“REVEALED...Pro-Level Research Strategies to Find, Create and Sell Just About ANY
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Knowing HOW to Research Properly Is the TRUE Secret to Success!
From the Desk of Tony Laidig...

re: It's TIME to stop guessing!

There are SO many business opportunities available these days that it can become extremely confusing and daunting to know where to begin. No one wants to waste time, energy or money creating something that is ultimately doomed to fail. Unfortunately, many DO fail for ONE primary reason...their business decisions are based more on guesswork than strong research!
What Is Often Missing Is a Solid Qualifier for Good or Bad Decisions...
Good research IS that qualifier and provides the necessary tools to help you make informed decisions regarding your:
  • Plan:​ Identify trends, current interests and relevant problems by your audience.
  • Product:​ The best solutions you can provide to needs, problems or desires.
  • Platform: Where and how to deliver the solutions you offer.
  • Promotion:​How to connect to your audience or buyer's story.
  • Profit: Compensation you receive for providing solutions people love.
I often see people pick a product to create or sell JUST because it's popular and everyone else is doing it. While I AM a big fan of following trends, doing so does not guarantee success! I also see many budding or new entrepreneurs become absolutely crippled by “shiny object syndrome” trying to do ALL THE THINGS. That approach simply does not work. Sorry!

And then there are the passion-driven people. I can relate...I am one of those! But what I have found is that being passionate about a product or idea isn't enough. What if no one else CARES about it EXCEPT you? What then? The real SECRET here is to use research to qualify your product and business ideas and then BECOME PASSIONATE about one of THOSE! Boom...THAT is where the magic is!
And That Is Why I’m Excited to Tell You About...
“Perfect Profit Plan”
In this brand-new, 5-Module LIVE training taught by Expert Researcher and Product Creator, Tony Laidig, you will discover exactly HOW to leverage ALL FIVE Qualifiers to set you up for success in your online business. 

Regardless of what you sell...books, training courses, ecom products, software or something else...“Perfect Profit Plan” will guide you to laser-focused clarity on the best trends, content, products, platforms and more for YOUR business!
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  • Access to All 5 Live Sessions.
  • Ongoing Access to the Replays.
  • All Slides from the Training in PDF form.
BONUS Training Included:
  • Video: The Secret to Success Is NOT What You Think.
  • Video: Practical Idea Solutions.
  • Video: Core Product Development Strategy.
  • Video: Why People Buy
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